How To Rebuild Your
Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery

5 Easy Steps To Saving $4,000
On Your Prius Battery

2001-2009 Prius Battery Repair Guide

Looking For A Cheap Way To Solve Your Prius Battery Problem?

This Guide would also be a good investment for the future. Hybrid batteries have a limited life span of 8 years or 150,000 miles on average. So if your car hasn't had a bad battery yet you can be expecting it soon as the 8 year mark is coming up on all 01'-09' Prius.

If you are considering using this Guide, but have some questions about whether or not it is right for you. Email us with your questions! We are happy to help you find the best solution for your problem!

What If You Don't Have Time
To Fix Your Battery?

~Just Another Unlucky Prius Owner?
My Story~

In the summer of 2008, I bought a Prius from a guy that “forgot” to mention that the Hybrid Battery was dying.

Two Months later, I had to take the car to my local Toyota dealership because none of the local shops would work on the car.


They told me it would cost $3800 for a replacement battery for my Toyota Prius!!

They said it couldn’t be rebuilt.

I didn’t believe them.

I Needed to Talk to Some Experts.

I needed to talk to some experts.I started researching how the batteries worked. I found some technicians that worked at Toyota dealerships that actually rebuilt the battery packs.

I spent time with retired mechanics and discussed the procedures with techs that weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and save their customers money…Lots of money.

I rebuilt my own battery pack and saved $3450.

For a few hours work and less than $350, I rebuilt my own battery pack using the tools most people already own.

You don’t have to do the research.

I put together a guide called, Guide to Saving $4000 on your Prius Hybrid Battery in 5 Easy Steps to help you do it yourself.

Try The Guide to Saving $4000 on your
Prius Hybrid Battery in 5 Easy Steps

What You Will Be Getting!

How to remove and install battery from vehicle
Step By Step Guide For Rebuilding A Generation I (2001-2003) Prius Battery With Generation II (2004-2009) Modules/Cells
Instructions on How to Repair Your Generation I (2001-2003) Battery with Used Generation I (2001-2003) Modules/Cells
Instructions on How to Rebuild Your Generation II (2004-2009) Battery with New Modules/Cells
A How to Guide to replace your battery computer for as little as $50
Loads of REAL Pictures and Captions done by the mechanic during his last rebuild
Live E-Mail Support If You Get Lost
A list of REAL suppliers to get your CHEAP Prius battery parts

We understand that you probably have ZERO EXPERIENCE dealing with Prius

This guide was not written for a mechanic. It was written for ANYONE to be able to rebuild their own hybrid battery.

We can and WILL save you THOUSANDS of dollars!

Download This Guide And Enjoy Saving Money!

We created this simple step by step guide for you because we hate to see big companies taking advantage of the consumer, and we couldn't find any help when we needed it.

Toyota says rebuilding a hybrid battery is impossible so that they can sell you a new one for $4,000. They also say that nobody can touch a hybrid battery unless they are a certified hybrid mechanic! We assure you that none of that is true.

There is no reason why YOU can't save the money, and DO IT YOUSELF!

Click Here To Download Guide!

You don't need to be a mechanic to rebuild your own Prius Hybrid battery.

You don't even need to have your own shop with all of the latest tools.

All you will need is a few hand tools, a dry open area to rebuild your battery, and the ability to read and follow directions correctly!


Here is a picture of the tools you will be using!

If you can handle using simple hand tools, you can rebuild your own Hybrid Battery!

Talk to our 24 hour customer service if you have any questions! We are excited to help you fix your Prius, and get it back on the road!



You will not have to hope and guess your way through rebuilding your own Prius Hybrid Battery!

We have written this guide for the common person.

We don't assume that you will know the technical jargon they use in shops.

So we have worked very hard to explain each step thoroughly enough so that you can achieve your rebuild safely, and correctly!

And of course, we want your battery outlast the life of your car, so we explain in depth each detail of the rebuild process.

We will also walk you through the replacement of your Toyota Prius battery computer!

With our "How To Replace Your Toyota Prius Battery Guide", you will also learn how to replace your Prius battery computer for as little as $100 dollars.

There are no guarantees on the prices. We will give you a list of the cheapest suppliers that we use on a regular basis.

Also, which suppliers are the best for each of the parts that you will be needing!

PLUS, we will even give you tips on how to get rid of the old battery cells/modules.

What Are People Saying About The Guide?

I went Green to save money on gas, nobody told me I was going to have a $4,000 dollar problem after 7 years! This guide saved me a TON of money!

" I woke up one day, and my worst fear was realized when I went out to start my 2001 Toyota Prius, but it wouldn't start!? I saw the dreaded TRIANGLE OF DEATH and my screen showed the MAIN Warning Light. After a trip to Toyota I had to face the reality that my hybrid battery bit the dust :(

I decided to go online and all I couldn't find anything about rebuilding the batteries and the Hybrid Mechanic said It couldn't be done. I came across this Guide and decided to give it a try.

A few days later after picking up the parts, and driving a borrowed car, I rebuilt my battery and put it back in my car and UREKA!! SUCCESS!!

I ended up rebuilding my battery for close to $500, plus the cost of the guide which is worth its weight in gold! "

Thanks For The Help!

See what our other customers have to say:

Thank you so much for the bailout! I was just about to sell my car when I found this site. I was told you couldn't rebuild Hybrid batteries but this guide makes it very easy.

I am so glad I didn't have to pay big $$$ to get my car back on the road.

Thanks a TON!

A few months ago I was having some issues with my 2003 Prius so I brought it into the Toyota dealership, and they said that I had a few cells leaking acid in my hybrid battery.

They estimated the repair at around $3,400! I couldn't believe that because of a few bad cells they had to replace the whole battery.

I did a little research and found this website. I thought it was worth a shot. The repairs would have only cost me around $100 but I decided to replace all of the cells to avoid doing it later (the car has just under 150k miles) and it only cost me $600 to replace all of the cells!

I think I used less then 10 hand tools total when I rebuilt my hybrid battery!

Thank You!


Customer Success!

This is a post that was left in our forum on March/1st/2010!

"Just completed my first rebuild of a Prius battery (2001). Followed the guide. All went well, except that we didn't get one of the wiring plugs fully seated, so the car didn't perform as expected. We were able to remove the cover within the car and found the problem. Car now runs well. All seems to be normal.

Hardest steps were getting battery pack out of, then back into the car. It's heavy and in an awkward place. But we did it. The rebuild itself was pretty straightforward. We spread the work over three days due to other commitments.

Located good used batteries from Toyota Vlad's Toys in West Sacramento, CA. Purchased '07 and '08 batteries (one each) from wrecked Priuses at $200 each. Used all 28 of the '08 cells and 10 of the '07 cells to rebuild the '01 pack (38 cells). New cells presented a tight fit, as stated in the notes, but it works. Measured voltage of each cell to confirm good condition before putting cover back on. (Also tested all cells of the original '01 battery. It had only one bad cell, with only a slightly low voltage, but that was enough to cause warning signals and performance problems.)

Tyler of provided good support, with quick responses to my emails with helpful answers to my questions.

My friend and I actually enjoyed the experience. Of course, it helps that it turned out well. :-)"

We are currently working on two more Prius How to Guides!

  • How To Remove and Replace Your Inverter!
  • How To Replace Your Prius Battery Computer

Rebuild Prius Battery Guide

Only $79.99 To Save Up To $4,000!

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